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"Then it happened-- when the musician played ... "



Founder and Head Instructor

Since the age of 3, Oscar has been honing his musical talent but being a self-taught drummer. His father, a well-known musician in the late 80s and 90s in the DMV Hispanic churches, set forth the path for his son to grow into the musician he is today. Like his father, Oscar dedicates hours to writing, creating, and composing music.  Starting his company his senior in high school, Oscar has applied the disciplines he learned while drumming, to his real life.


Oscar gained the skills to learn and play many instruments such as the trumpet, trombone, bass, guitar, and piano. A soon-to-be graduate of George Mason University, Oscar has set a steady course to success in his career. While studying Audio Engineering and Music Theory, he's had the opportunity to work alongside a well-known Sound Engineer Ferdy from Antigua Productions.


Gaining access to serve in churches like Casa de Dios, Roca de Salvacion. He has also opened up concerts for Miel San Marcos, Generacion 12, and more. He is currently a part of a growing DMV Christian band, Salvation City as one of their engineers, producers, and lead drummer. Oscar knows that by setting a path for future musicians, they can excel farther and be great in the world of music. 

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Our Team.

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